Blood & Volume:

Inside New York’s Israeli Mafia

Published in 2007 by Barricade Books, “Blood & Volume: Inside New York’s Israeli Mafia” marked the first time a journalist gained inside access to the organized crime group that controlled New York’s underworld in the 1980s. The book follows the story of Ron Gonen, a career criminal who ultimately became a cooperating witness to protect his family and bring down the gang.

Publisher’s Weekly called “Blood & Volume” a “thrilling guts-and-glory look inside the Israeli organized crime machine of 1980s New York City…The wild ride Copeland unfurls has all the insane highs and lows an audience familiar with Blow and Wiseguy expects, and they don’t disappoint…a story so entertaining that, were it not rooted in such ably handled characters—at once despicable, pitiable and human—it might be unbelievable.”

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