Online Lecture: Aristotle Wouldn’t Click “Like” On Facebook. Should You?

For most people, graduating high school means going into the broader world, where you’re more likely to come into proximity with people who are a better fit for friendship with you. It’s called growing up and developing your own worldview, and seeking out relationships that better compliment the person you are become. But when you have to process some emotions to deal with whatever that old friend is posting on Facebook, that is taking away from the time that could be spent nourishing the relationships with the people you have in your life now.

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Online Lecture: Social Networks, Social Media & Social Revolutions

What it comes down to is that it’s easy to click like on a Facebook status update or retweet a post with a political view you support. Those clicks may have subtle, long-term effects on changing ideas, much in the same way a bumper sticker would. But social media has not proven itself to be a tool of immediate and profound social change – even in the high profile cases where proponents of the new technology insist that it has been.

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